American Tiger Karate and Mark Davis Training Systems

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  • WHITE - The White Belt is the first belt you will receive. It represents the beginning of a journey. It also stands for how pure and clean your mind is, because it is new to the art of Karate. 
  • YELLOW -The Yellow Belt is the second belt you will earn. It represents the bright light and heat of the young sun. Your journey now is compared to nature. At this stage you are like the sun in the morning with a long day ahead. The yellow belt tells how you have begun your journey and have so much to learn still.
  • ORANGE -The Orange Belt is the third belt you will earn. This belt shows how you are continuing in your path, yet you are still new to the art. This belt represents how the sun has moved across the sky to produce a more intense heat.  You have more knowledge now.
  • PURPLE -The Purple Belt is the fourth belt you will earn. Now you are an intermediate student. You have more abilities now because of the knowledge you have gained. This belt also represents the heat of the descending sun. The sun is producing concentrated heat as it retires for the day. The belt is a symbol of how you, the student, will now begin to learn new and more difficult knowledge.
  • GREEN -The Green Belt is the fifth belt you will earn. You are now like the grass, growing with new knowledge.  Your belt represents an intermediate level, but you must continue to learn so that your grass can grow higher. 
  • BLUE -The Blue Belt is the sixth belt you will earn. You are learning so much. You are like grass growing so fast and so high you are reaching the blue sky. All this knowledge and ability is allowing you to move from an intermediate level to an advanced level. 
  • BROWN-The Brown Belt is the seventh belt you will earn. You have a great amount of knowledge now. You have been to the sky, but now you must go back to the earth. The Brown Belt represents the earth, the mud, and the trenches. You are going back to the roots of the art to learn everything from the start. This will give you a higher appreciation for what you have learned and will prepare you for your next belt.
  • RED-The Red Belt is the eighth belt you will earn. This belt represents danger and blood. You must be careful not to use all the knowledge you have gained the wrong way. if you are not careful you will be very dangerous. If you are dangerous you may hurt anybody and that is not a good thing. This belt also signifies blood because of its history. In ancient times karate students only received a white belt, and when they reached a certain level, the Sensei would make a cut on the student's skin then wrap their belt around the wound. This would turn the belt red. 
  • BLACK BELT - The Black Belt is the ninth belt you will earn in our system. This belt represents the end of a long journey, and the beginning of a new one. The color of the belt is much like the universe. Black and vast, full of new places to discover. This is what the Black Belt is about. Now that you know you have reached a pinnacle in Martial Arts now begin to understand the deeper and more spiritual meanings of Kar'ate.   
"All men by nature desire knowledge."       Aristotle