American Tiger Karate and Mark Davis Training Systems

We Build Champions For Life!


1. Where is your school located?

        Our private Karate Dojo is currently re-locating. We are now pleased to be offering private, semi-private, and mobile classes in personal protection, self-defense, and traditional Tae Kwon Do, and Kara-te, in addition to our group classes. Mark is also available for private classes and personal one-on-one coaching in nutrition, overall health management, and personal training.

2. What style of martial arts do you teach?

        We teach an organic and healthy style of Korean martial arts and fitness training. We combine the traditional teachings of Taekwon-do, modern sport kara-te, grappling, and personal protection. We teach self-defense techniques that really work, and help you to make lifestyle changes that will impact your lives in a positive, and healthy way.

3. Who can join your program?

         Anyone in your family may join our program. We are experienced teaching people of all ages and abilities into our programs. We also invite members of the special needs community. Sensei Mark is qualitatively experienced in teaching individuals with varying levels of disabilities....including those with either mental or physical limitations.

4. How quickly will my child, or I receive a Black Belt?

        The achievement of a Black Belt is a long and arduous journey, not based on calendar months. A student of any age may achieve their Black Belt after completion of a rigorous and disciplined curriculum.  

5. How much is your program per month?

         We are always offering specials and discounts for you and your family. We do have a schedule of monthly tuitions, however please inquire about our on-going program specials, or visit our Rates and Services section of this website. 

6. Do I have to sign a contract?

          No, we do not require you to sign a contract. You may pay by the week, month or purchase a bundle of months at a reduced rate

7. What are your hours of operation? 

          Our Karate Dojo and Personal Training Center will be open Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 4:00pm to 8:00pm, Saturday mornings, and any other time by appointment.      We currently offer private classes in martial arts, self-defense, and personal training by appointment.


  We will have a monthly class schedule which includes Black Belt Kickin' Kids, Black Belt Teens, Women's Self-Defense, Adult Men's Karate and Fighting, and a new program for active adults 55+. We will incorporate fitness and nutrition into a special Adult 55+ Personal Training Program.

Sensei Mark Davis is also highly experienced in the areas of Integrative Nutrition and Body Wellness....and will work cooperatively with you to achieve your best levels of personal fitness.


    Ask about our Womens Fitness Bootcamps......we are creating a schedule to include a special Fitness Bootcamp.....designed especially for the professional working woman.


                       Call us today at  305.494.5546 

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