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About Us



     The American Tiger Karate Dojo and Mark Davis Training Systems has re-located to beautiful Miami / Kendall Florida, and is under the direct supervision of Master Black Belt Instructor Sensei Mark Anthony "Tony" Davis.

     The American Tiger Dojo and the American Tiger System of Martial Arts has been serving the Florida community since 2001, and has produced State Champions in all phases of Modern Martial Arts including Traditional Weapons, Traditional Kata, and Tournament Fighting. Our school is represented in both local and national tournaments by Team Immortal and the Mark Davis Tiger Team.

     Team Immortal has been a high profile and highly respected sport karate team, built on the fundamentals and principles of hard work and discipline, loyalty, tradition and fun. We strive to be the very best that we can be, and help others reach their goals as well.

      Self- confidence, focus, respect and holistic personal fitness are the primary components to our Self-Defense curriculum. We are a traditional martial arts system in terms of ranks, promotions, and training. We also teach the more modern aspects of Martial Arts, including Oriental Weapons, Musical Forms, Acrobatic Karate, Grappling, Kickboxing, Body Wellness, Nutrition, Bully Proofing, and StrangerDanger.

      Our holistic Martial Arts curriculum is based partly upon the traditions and teachings of Master Choi, the founder of modern Tae Kwon Do, and includes traditional kata and weapons, self-defense, point sparring, and personal fitness.Our programs include Self-Defense For Women, Black Belt Kids Karate, Adult and Teen Self-Defense, Personal Training and Nutrition, and BullyProofing / StrangerDanger.

      We teach a holistic and healthy style of Martial Arts and personal training. Our curriculum is safe, it's traditional, and it's on point. We are also able to service the handicapped community. We are experienced in teaching both physically and mentally challenged students. We also offer BootCamp-style weekend workouts, Self-Defense and Personal Protection, Seminars on Personal Safety and Awareness, and Private One-on-One Instruction.

       Our Dojo and martial arts system has been very well represented at tournaments like the U.S.Open and the Disney Wide World of Sports Martial Arts Tournament by our younger and older students alike. Sports karate competitions are fun and are also a healthy way to experience the thrill of competing against the best karate teams in the world. Our karate team specializes in tournament competition and has performed at the most prestigious karate events in the country.

       Take the time, in the upcoming months, to take a private class, or visit our Dojo, and speak to our students and staff, and see for yourself why our Self-Defense system is one of the best in Florida. You may email our staff or the Sensei at give us a call at  305.494.5546.


"He who knows himself is enlightened."       Lao Tzu