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Posted by Mark Davis Tiger Team on October 31, 2015 at 12:00 AM

In Kyūdō, Zanshin means the body posture after the loosening of an arrow. The posture is intended to reflect the higher meaning of Zanshin, which is a mental aspect maintained before, during, and after an action.


In Karate, Zanshin is the state of total awareness. It means being aware of one's surroundings and enemies, while being prepared to react.


In the context of Kendō, Zanshin is the continued state of spirit, mental alertness and physical readiness to meet the situation (such as an opposing attack) that must be maintained when one returns to kamae after attacking. It is one of the essential elements that define a good attack.


During the practice of Aikidō, the usual method of practicing Zanshin is to focus on the just-thrown uke, or opponent, while holding kamae and maintaining awareness in case there are additional attacks or attackers. In Iwama-style training, Zanshin is practiced as general awareness of one's surroundings, of which the uke is just a small part of the training scenario. In Yôseikan-style Aikidô, students are trained to maintain that continued state of mental awareness and physical readiness beyond the dôjô walls....and into daily life.

Sensei Mark

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